Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Divorce & Dissolution of Marriage
In a dissolution of marriage or a divorce it is required that a couple’s assets and debts are divided. Additionally, if there are any minor children then issues concerning, custody, visitation and child support must be decided upon.

Prenuptial Agreements
A prenuptial or antenuptial agreement is a written agreement between two people prior to entering into marriage.

Spousal Maintenance
Once known as “alimony,” maintenance represents financial support made by one spouse to a former spouse.

Custody and Visitation
There are several forms of custody in Missouri: Joint Legal Custody, Joint Physical Custody, Sole Legal Custody, and Sole Physical Custody.

Grandparents Rights
If you are a grandparent and feel that your grandchildren are not living in a safe or appropriate environment you may want to consider filing for a guardianship or adoption of your grandchildren.  Or if you are denied visits with your grandchildren you may want to file a motion for grandparent visitation.

Child Support
An often contested area of the law, child support represents monetary support paid by one parent to the other parent to assist in the financial upbringing of  the children.

The Cantor Law Firm can assist you in a step- parent adoption or an adult adoption.

Guardianship of Minors and Adults
Closely related to child custody, a minor child that you are responsible for and is residing with you may need special consideration known as the guardianship of minors.  If you are responsible for an adult that cannot care for their own needs a guardianship may be necessary.

Paternity, Custody, Visitation and Support
Paternity is the word used to define the state of being someone’s father.  In the case where two parents split up and there are minor children it may be necessary to file a motion for custody and visitation.

Legal Separation
There are some instances in which a married couple may not wish to be divorced but prefer to become legally separated.

Modification of Judgments
Even after a divorce or paternity judgment has been determined in cases involving child support, custody, visitation or maintenance, a change in the conditions under which the judgment was originally made may warrant a modification of any of these issues.

Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection
A restraining order or an order of protection is a legal order issued by a court to protect yourself or your children from physical or emotional abuse.  If you or your children have been a victim of physical or emotional abuse you may want to contact the Cantor Law Firm, in order to seek a restraining order or an order of protection.

Legal Name Change
If you have been considering legally changing your name or you wish to change your minor child’s name, Amy Cantor can assist you with this. She has successfully completed name changes in St. Louis, St. Charles and the City of St. Louis, Missouri (MO).

It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to have a spouse comply with the court rulings or court judgments. In these cases, Amy Cantor can request that the court hold the opposing party or ex-spouse in contempt (which can lead to jail time or a custody modification).

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