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Custody and Visitation

If you and your spouse or partner have separated and you have minor children you will need to determine a custody and visitation plan for your children.  In Missouri when you are involved in a custody case it is necessary to file a Parenting Plan.  A Parenting Plan will encompass custody, a visitation schedule that will include a weekly and weekend schedule as well as a holiday and summer schedule, child support and various other issues.  Custody is divided into four categories, Joint, Sole, Legal and Physical.

What does Joint and Sole Custody mean?

There are several forms of custody in Missouri:

  • Joint Legal Custody means both parents share all the important decision making rights and responsibilities and authority regarding the children’s health, education, and welfare.
  • Joint Physical Custody means both parents have significant periods of time during which a child resides with or is under his or her care and supervision. Joint physical custody does not require equal sharing of time.
  • Sole Legal Custody means one parent makes all the decisions regarding the children
  • Sole Physical Custody means the child primarily resides with one parent. The time the child spends with the other parent can be referred to as temporary custody or visitation.

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