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Restraining Orders & Orders of Protection

Restraining Order – Adult or Minor Order of Protection

A restraining order or an order of protection is a legal order issued by a court to protect yourself or your children from physical or emotional abuse. These orders restrain the abuser from continuing to commit or threatening to commit physical violence, emotional abuse, stalking and harassment.  A retraining order or an order of protection permits a victim of abuse to call the police and have their abuser arrested if they violate the order.  If it is a matter of domestic abuse often times the order will require the abuser to leave the family home.  These orders can last for six months or up to one year.  It is important to note that a protection order applies to both harassment and stalking in person or by phone. If you feel that you need an order of protection or a restraining order in St. Louis or in the state of Missouri, contact the Cantor Law Firm for a consultation.

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